A Lovely Wreckage

By Brigid Hannon

A Lovely Wreckage is a collection of poetry illustrating twenty years in the life of a woman living with chronic and mental illness, and her path to peace and wellness.

Now available in paperback or ebook on Amazon.


I read A Lovely Wreckage and I am now convinced that poetry is one of the most beautiful ways a person can express themselves. There. I said it. A single author changed my entire mindset.

Adulting and Adventure blog, by Heidi Caedere

Her fight is raw and speaks volumes; there is self-doubt, sorrow and addiction within these poems.

Hayley’s Book Room blog, by Hayley Cantrell

This is a great collection to relate to, and a great collection to learn fromā€¦knocked it out of the park.

No Strangers Here, by Jonathan Stringfellow, 88.5 WCUG